Salpicado (Closed Permanently)

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GayCities Members report that Salpicado has closed
Off the beaten path
Sandwiches, salads, pasta and more. Homestyle cooking a little harder to find, but definitely worth it!


    • dajnyc
      dajnyc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      impossible to find!
      Please provide more specific location info, gaycities!

    • markroy53
      markroy53 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      When u find it, u will never forget it. . .
      if u r looking for a fantastic little spot for a prix-fixe lunch salpicado is the place to go. it is located in the quartier ipanema building on the corner of visconde de piraja and maria quiteria. they r only open for lunch and have some of the freshest food and wonderful included deserts i have ever had. go on wednesday and their desert is "sonho de bombom", which literally translated in english is "chocolate candy dream". ivenette is the owner, manager and her wait staff is friendly, helpful and not bad looking either!!!. the price is around US$13.00 and worthe every penny.