Ipanema Farme de Amoedo Beach

100% love it
Barbies and pretty boys
The greater Ipanema Beach breaks up into smaller subsections where different crowds tend to stick together. This is a great place to find out where all the night time parties are. Just look for the party promotors who pass out flyers regularly. For anyone who's unfamiliar, "barbies" is the local name for Rio's muscle men and East of Rua Farme de Amoedo is where you'll find them. Also known as Farme Gay.


    • Adrenalin
      Adrenalin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Unlike any other beach.....
      Fantastic beach unlike another exerpience I've found so far anywhere else. Upon approaching the beach, you will see several rainbow flags when you cross Farme de Amoedo to the beach. Immediately you will be approached by two or three 12-13 year olds in different color jerseys. These are the cabana boys or the beach vendors reps ready to help you get chairs, umbrellas and drinks on the beach. There are 3 different companies resposnbile for Farme beach. My suggestion is to decline their services until you find a spot on the beach. If you hire them right away, you have to sit in their specific zone. So pic the zone you want and then one of the guys will reproach you. Chairs here are more of the style then towels. 90% of the beach will be in chairs and umbrellas. Once you get a beach hire for chairs and umbrella, he will also be getting you drinks. Again, most of these errand runners look like 12-15 years old but they are allowed to deliver alcohol between the bar and you. They will present you with a slip of paper that has your rental items on it and every time you order another drink, they will ask to see it to add more to it. TIP: you also get free wifi from this vendor but you have to ask them to put in the password. At the end of the day leave all your rental item in one spot and take your paper to the back table tents to pay out. Yes they accept credit cards on the beach. There are several variations of showers. Vendor provided which are right at the back of the beach which are free. The others are in the lifeguard buildings along with the toilets. BE ADVISED - there are no free toilets on the beach. You have to pay $1.75 in reals each time to access the bathroom. Same building also has open outdoor showers or enclosed private showers for rental complete with soap and towel, There are many vendors on this beach that will approach you frequently to sell sunblock, necklaces, blankets, zongas (speedo type bathing suit), sandwiches, various drinks etc.....they tend to only take cash but make life convenient. AT times it can be annoying and pestering. Keep in mind Rio;s beach water is not exactly clean and has sewage in it. So if you go in, do not put your head underwater and shower off after you get out. The Brazilians have a tolerance to the water that tourists do not and this an easy way to get sick. Beach is quiet on the weekdays, but insane on Sat & Sun. Sunday part of the roads are closed just for beach pedestrians and bike traffic. They will be filled with wall to wall umbrellas and amazing boys! Great eye candy beyond words. People tend t be friendly and try to communicate here, Use google translate app to help the translate back and forth.

    • danshkin
      danshkin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay Heaven
      This is THE place to cruise the hottest Brazilian (and gringo) guys in Rio - during the day, of course - and all in their speedos!! Every New Year and Carnaval period I spend here with a few caipirinhas served by the sexy sons of Nelio at Barraca do Nelio 57x (opposite the gay street Farme de Amoedo) cruising and getting cruised by beautiful boys of all different colours. Gay Heaven!!

    • qiveda
      qiveda Over a year ago
      Loves it

      looking for an appartment for holidays
      With my friend, we wanna rent an appartment from february 27 to 13 march 2013, in Rio, Ipanema

    • o lugar que fico mas avontade de pessoas do mesmo...
      é uma das melhores praias da que como outras resevadas ...da minha turma...

    • ruloverin
      ruloverin Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay beach
      Fit guys, rough waters (two guys in less than a week almost drowned!) chair service from friendly vendors. Sand is filthy compared to other beaches but a beautiful spot to spend the afternoon nonetheless. Oh, if you are not confident and lack a six pack you might feel out of place...

    • marcellomallet
      marcellomallet Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Gay - but not only
      Unlike many cities, Rio de Janeiro is not only a place frequented by gays. The Ipanema is considered the most friendly place for gay people. But only one street attracts mass gays Cariocas - Farme de Amoedo. The Farme (as the locals call it) is very nice and good restaurants. Lots of beautiful people, day and night. During the day it is possible to attend the only beach that accepts homosexual physical contact without the dirty looks. But sure to be near the Farme. Even in Farme Amoedo and possible presence of homophobic attitudes, couples had been thrown out of restaurants because they are kissing. Despite these points against, Rio de Janeiro offers for gays around the world to feel good in touch with nature. I only wrote this review to point out that the Rio de Janeiro may have been voted the best city gay-friendily, but still has a lot to improve. Enjoy Ipanema, Ipanema beach and the Farm! I'm sure will not regret it! I speak as a native.

    • chilipepper
      chilipepper Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Greatest Beach
      With handome people, incredible sand, like sugar, whats not to like. They have everything you need. And if you don't have it there are some gay guys selling hot swimsuits and there are people you can rent chairs and umbrellas from. There a a handful of beautiful buff massage thereapists. go from the beach to the bar in the afternoons for happy hour they are so busy sometimes that the crowd spills out into the streets.

    • BosGuy
      BosGuy Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Favorite location in Rio
      Ipanema Beach (praia) #9 is where they gay men congregate. This is close to Ipanema Plaza Hotel where many gay Europeans & Americans stay. You can purchase (cheaply) anything you need while at the beach (chair, umbrella, food, beer, etc). Come w/ your swimsuit, flip flops, sun lotion and money so you can blend in.

    • skier74
      skier74 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Must-go beach destination
      Anyone who enjoys a good gay beach must get themselves to Farme Gay Beach in Ipanema -- STAT. The scenery is beautiful, and I'm not just talking about the geography. It's not quite a relaxing beach, definitely more of a social place. Gets very busy on the weekends and there's a lot of noise from the hawksters (only the little children are impositions, and they may only be there on Sunday). The beach attracts all types, don't worry if you don't have the perfect beach body, because any body is perfect here. Make sure to wear your square-cut speedo and Havianas or you'll stick out like an American tourist!