Point 202

89% love it
Bath with boys for hire
Come and cruise the space here or hire an escort for an evening out on the town.


    • LexSantum
      LexSantum Over a year ago
      Hates it

      run down dirty
      Felt dirty just being there The place was empty, maybe it’s a Thursday afternoon thing But I wouldn’t these dudes for free, aggressive but no bodies or faces worth mentioning. Shady... just yuckie place....

    • Colombo
      Colombo Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best in Rio
      A friendly and safe place where you can go and have sex with the hottest men in Rio de Janeiro. It is never super crowded, and the boys are really clean,decent and friendly. The biggest dicks in town. There is no doubt about it. The place itself needs a little bit of TLC.

    • Adrenalin
      Adrenalin Over a year ago

      Decent, dark with mixed crowd & rent boys
      Located at the back end of Copacabana in a slightly rougher area. You enter through one outside door simply marked "202" into a white building off the street. You go up through 2 semi-outdoor staircases before you have to get buzzed into reception. Costs $50 reals entry - however if your not used to the Brazillian system, you pay when you leave - not upon entry. You are provided sandals, towel and a locker key. The locker key is important as it serves as your billing account so do not loose it or lend it out. Inside the club is pretty dark and odd lay out. Lockers are made of wood and locker area are small. There is a bar area serving all sorts of alcohol and non-alcoholic beverages. Right next to it is a lounge with couches and stools as well as a dance floor and stage. They supposedly have entertainers sometimes. Keep in mind the best times to go in Rio are 5pm-10pm. Most Termas/Suanas/Bathhouses close by midnight or 1am and die out well before that. Main level has a jo long playing pussy porn and toliets. There are two second floors that do not connect. One has the wet area - showers, steam room, sauna and bathrooms. The other is "cabins" or 'suites" as they call them which are private rooms for additional rent. Rental runs $30 for 40 minutes . Room has a bed, mirror on wall, air conditioner, shower and toilet. Rent boys are always walking around and will come flirt with you trying to get you to buy or negotiate services. Mixed sizes, shapes, ages - all willing to help you relax for a price. Upon leaving you turn in your room key and get your final bill which includes admission charge, drink charges and room rental charges if you used any services. Took credit cards. I suggest having the taxi drop off and pick you up right in front as the neighborhood is rough looking.

    • GayTripadvisor
      GayTripadvisor Over a year ago
      Hates it

      Not my favourite sauna
      I have been here three times. Only the first visit was an entirely satisfying experience with a local rent boy. He even came without that I had to ask for that, or pay more. On another visit, there was some fighting in the bar, including throwing of bottles. Not really what you like to see when visiting a bar with 'garotos de programa'. On my last visit, I found the guys totally unappealing. The only cute face had already 28 years, but his body was starting getting out of shape. And these guys you can meet for free in ordinary saunas ... I will stick to Club 101 or the even more pretty New Meio Mundo in the center of Rio. The spot is also too huge, and with it's loud music, it makes me think more of an empty disco. Gay Tripadvisor

    • ticktaticktoc
      ticktaticktoc Over a year ago
      Hates it

      This place is not so good like everyone has been talking about. There are 2types of people there; 1. old fat and ugly that cant get any sex then they go there to pay for the prositute. 2. There are 90% of rent boys and most of them are cute, sexy with a big tool. However, this place is kinda ripped off, you have to pay for the B$35 to enter, then if you rent a boy u pay another B$50 to B$70 and you pay for the cabin with they charge u 2person for a cabin that cost B$ 25 each and the total of the cabin will be B$ 50. After all that you ended up to pay almost B$200 for one fck. well it works for those old and ugly men or cant get anything else. But if you are young, cute, sexy; this is not for you. Perhaps when you are over the hills when no one wants to do you then come here.

    • cauldron
      cauldron Over a year ago
      Loves it

      Awesome sauna with rents
      This was my second vist and my partners first visit Jan 07

    • redapple
      redapple Over a year ago
      Loves it

      it's like a candy store
      oh my god is what i said when i was at the Point 202 club. in fact, I said oh my god at the top of my lungs for most part of the evening! this place is incredible with so many gorgeous guys. for once, the reviews are correct. all the guys were well mannered. and most did a great job in bed. only a few you can tell didn't like what they are doing but that was the minority i think. all the ones i encountered used condoms and were fastitidiously clean. the first night i went on a feeding frenzy like a kid in a candy store. i think the second time i go there, i'm going to enjoy it a little slower and concentrate on the particular candies that i tasted earlier. there seems to be no rush; therefore, chatting with them in advance is a nice form of fore play that will make the experience more enjoyable when the deed is done. the place is very clean, very professional, and friendly. It's also in a safe neighborhood in Copacabana surrounded by lots of local residents, stores, restaurants. Have fun! 2nd night review: I went back the second night and unfortunately had a bad experience with one of the rental boys. he wasn't a boy but a big man with a very big tool and with a very big ego of himself. he refused my 50R offer, snickered, and laughed with some of the other boys. Oddly, he tried to get my attention a little later by rubbing his big tool against me but once i learned he was an intimidating person with a not very nice personality, i turned him down. he was so angry and started to stir up some of the other men against me. talk about someone who doesn't know how to take rejection. but don't get me wrong. the other 99% of the boys are very nice and friendly and don't get hostile like this one did. it's still worth going but keep an eye out for ones that have big egos. trying to get them to please the customer might not be so easy.

    • shawn26
      shawn26 Over a year ago
      Loves it

      This place is hot! When you ask the boys what they do they all say "tudo" and believe me they mean it. Starts around $40

    • Tlv
      Tlv Over a year ago
      Loves it

      The best ever
      I did read the previous review and went there. Every single guy, and there were about 30 when I got there, is a Bel Ami lookalike... they are warm and friendly, like your favorite cousin, they are attentive but not pushy, they walk around with a towel around their body displaying all you need to see to get excited, and in the cabin they, well, they fucked me like I have not been fucked before, with huge tools. After they got their money they remained warm, as a matter of fact I took a drink with a freshly arrived guy and an hour later decided to add him to the list that is going to be long since I'll be here for weeks... They best you can find anywhere, and in Rio there are great places, but nothing compares to this!

    • italsub
      italsub Over a year ago
      Loves it

      wonderfull hot boys
      you want to see around 80 hot beautyfull guys all in one place?go there! all colors, all ages from 18 to 35, all body shapes, one "size" only: extra large. the guys around are very clean, very friendly, very polite, and they really give you what you look for, great snacks at the bar too, IT WORTHS a visit