Boite 1140

93% love it
Heavy on the drag queens
If it's scandalous drag shows ye seek, this may be a great spot to start out.


    • Ivanigarcez3
      Ivanigarcez3 Over a year ago

      This place is not at Barra da Tijuca it is in Vila Valqueire

    • Felipezsbrazil
      Felipezsbrazil Over a year ago
      Hates it

      one of the worst clubs in Rio!
      ugly people, bad music, dirty and far place...

    • Rod
      Rod Over a year ago
      Loves it

      1140 wonderful place to have fun!
      1140 is where you can find live singers performing; DJ's playing ultimate house music, flashback, and Rio's local sound (such as samba or funk); drag queens' live shows; a confortable lounge where you can chat, kiss, ... All at the same place. It's a four pavements house where you ENJOY it all!!! If you have the opportunity, GO! You'll see all kinds of people, all interested in having fun!